The image sets listed below are some practice image sets that you can download to try your hand at creating a shipwreck 3D model.  Each image set has an associated Camera Calibration file that you can load into Metashape with the images.  We have tried each image set and they do work.  Some may require more trials than others.  The specifics of the image sets are listed with the download link.  Need to download the software? You can download a 30 day free trial of the Agisoft Metashape Standard Version (which is all you need for these models) at

  • Shipwreck Stalker  – There are two files to download — one large “Shipwreck Stalker” file and one StalkerCameraCalibrationFile.xml.
    • 1506 .jpg images in the .zip file
    • Image Resolution 1620 x 1080 pixels
    • Download Size – One 491 Megabyte Zipped file plus one small StalkerCameraCalibrationFile.xml
    • Download Link : Shipwreck Stalker Download Link

   Shipwreck Stalker


  • Shipwreck Oscar T. Flint -There is one large file to download which contains the images and camera calibration file.
    • 2208 .jpg images and one OTFlintTrainingImagesCamCal.xml file in the .zip file
    • Image Resolution 1620 x 1080
    • Download size 1.32 Gigabyte Zipped file.
    • Download LInk: Shipwreck O.T. Flint Download Link


Shipwreck Oscar T. Flint