It is the mission of GLSPS to promote the understanding of Great Lakes Maritime History and the responsible visitation and use of our Great Lakes shipwrecks. We have implemented the 3Dshipwrecks project to support that mission.  We invite responsible use of the digital models contained in our database for both personal and commercial use. We do however recognize the need to protect our intellectual property and the intellectual property of our partners from those who would take advantage of our generosity and simply rebrand our work for their own personal gain.

All of our models are licensed under Creative Commons licensing which is an often used set of licensing agreements for sharing digital media on the internet. There are different licenses which specify what you can and cannot do with the media protected by the license agreements. A full explanation of the Creative Commons licensing can be obtained at the following link: .

Most of the models created by the 3Dshipwrecks team are licensed under a license referred to by its Creative Commons abbreviation CC-By-ND. This license is one of the least restrictive licenses, which says loosely that you may use the model for either personal or commercial use, but you must include proper credit to 3Dshipwrecks. You cannot modify the model in any way then redistribute it (ND = No Derivatives) and you cannot resell the model or a slightly modified model for profit. The plain language terms of the license are available at: .  The abbreviation of the applicable CC license and the name who you must credit is on the individual model page under the “Publishing Restrictions” heading and the “Licensing Usage Restrictions” and “Attributed to: ” sub-headings.

The contributor of the model may choose which license he/she or the organization prefers to license the model under to 3Dshipwrecks, GLSPS and any other licensee. The specific license for each individual model is on the model page under “Publishing Restrictions, Licensing Usage Restrictions” with the Creative Commons License abbreviation.

For usage within the terms of the listed license, there is no fee, although donations or a GLSPS membership is strongly suggested and would be greatly appreciated and would help guarantee the success and continuation of the 3Dshipwrecks project. If you need to use the model for an application prohibited by the listed license, submit your request to and we may be able to accommodate your project under a different CC license option. There will likely be a reasonable fee for the additional service, but we can only negotiate a change in licensing for models attributed to 3dshipwrecks. Licensing agreements for models licensed to 3dshipwrecks by our partners can only be changed with the formal consent of the model owner.

3D Printing Our Models

Any of our models can be downloaded for 3D printing from the Sketchfab Store for a fee payable to the store. Since many of our models are complex and because we have many models, it is not feasible for us to do a test print of the models and do not guarantee the models can be printed without some additional work by the buyer. A few of the models already have .stl files but most will need to be converted from the downloaded .obj format.