Our Mission is to Create a 3D Model of Every Great Lakes Shipwreck

Enjoy our 3D and Shipwreck Photogrammetry Models  

For a real treat try viewing our 3D shipwreck models in Virtual Reality with your 3D Headset

 Model Video of J  . H. Jones found and Photographed in July 2018

To see the Interactive Model click here

We continue to add new models as our program starts to take shape.  We are also adding models made from photomosaic video shot years ago.  If you have video from photomosaic projects you have shot in the past and would like to contribute it, we would be willing to do our best to convert it to a historic 3d shipwreck model.  This will allow viewers to see the changes in the shipwreck over time.

Please visit our site regularly to see our progress.


Our Progress Toward Our Goal of Modeling 1,200 Great Lakes Shipwrecks is at 9%
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