Website Updates

9/19/2021 Added Shipwreck Alva Bradley and updated links
9/12/2021 Added Shipwreck Walrus aka Gray’s Reef Wreck and updated links
9/8/2021 Added Shipwreck Goliath and updated links, Added David Robinson Thesis to Indiana History Link
9/3/2021 Added Shipwreck Indiana Propeller and updated links
9/1/2021 Added 2021 version of Side-Wheeler Niagara and updated links
8/29/2021 Added Shipwreck Myron and updated links
8/21/2021 Added Shipwreck Colonel Ellsworth and updated links
8/16/2021 Added Shipwreck Sagamore and updated links
7/29/2021 Malabar corrections
7/24/2021 Added Malabar VI and updated links
7/16/2021 Added Colonel A.B. Williams Schooner and updated links.
7/7/2021 Added St Lawrence Models Skiff, Life Boat, and N Colborne Is Barge – Need updates for missing data
6/18/2021 Added Dauntless and Unknown aka False Squaw, updated links – Need Chart
6/14/2021 Added Maggie L and Box Stove Wreck in St Lawrence; updated links Need Chart
5/31/2021 Corrections to Islander and updated Partners
5/20/2021 Added Shipwreck Islander Side-Wheeler & Updated links; Need St. Lawrence Chart yet
3/30/2021 Added Brigatine C. B. Benson & Updated links
3/21/2021 Added Scow Schooner Success & Updated links & Added Niagara and Eliza Strong to both Thumbnail pages
3/15/2021 Added I. A. Johnson and updated all links
3/11/2021 Added scow Ocean Wave and updated all links
3/7/2021 Added Barge Transfer aka William McGregor and updated all links
3/4/2021 Added Dan Hayes and references; Updating history portion of all pages to just link.
2/24/2021 Added website icon for browsers; Started adding live history links to all shipwreck pages
1/28/2021 Added Shipwreck Chickamauga and updated references
1/16/2021 Added Training Main Menu heading with link to Dive Addicts intro Youtube
1/14/2021 Added Shipwreck Sidewheel Steamer Sea Bird and updated references
1/7/2021 Updated heading on home page to Enjoy our Shipwreck Photogrammetry Models to improve search word hits
1/1/2021 Updated database entries of Wreck Site Info on older models to add Lake and State fields
12/18/2020 Minor updates to the Photography Guidelines
12/14/2020 Added Wooded Freighter William H. Barnum and updated references
11/23/2020 Added Schooner Kyle Spangler and updated references
11/18/2020 Added Brig John J. Audubon and updated references
11/12/2020 Added Schooner Defiance and updated references; added Models by Thumbnails and shortened Newest Models Page
11/9/2020 Added Industry Derrick Barge and updated references
10/6/2020 Updated the New Models page for the Type
10/2/2020 Added Shipwreck Typo and updated references except New Models
10/1/2020 Added Shipwreck Stalker and updated references
9/7/2020 Added Lottie Cooper and Selah Chamberlain and updated references
9/4/2020 Added Algoma Dredge Barge and updated references
8/31/2020 Added Michigan shipwrecks S.C. Baldwin and Advance and updated references
8/9/2020 Updated Guidelines for Photogrammetry document and Photographers page photo
8/4/2020  Added shipwrecks Falcon, Vega, Eliza Strong, updated list and Latest models
7-20-2020 Added shipwreck Fletcher in L. Michigan.  Updated model list and Lake Michigan
7-13-2020 Added shipwrecks Manasoo, Sport, Oscar T. Flint, Updated Model list and Newest Models and Lake Huron
6-13-2020 Added Hesper Model, updated Newest Models, Model List, Lake Superior, various minor fixes
6-10-2020  Added Lake Erie Shipwrecks by Lake and added Indiana Barkentine Model and Albion
4-21-2020  Updated Photographers page for photogrammetry training by diving certification agencies.
4-16-2020  Added Shipwreck Niagara Side-wheel Steamer Lake Michigan
4-11-2020  Added Shipwreck Silver Lake, Lake Michigan Shipwrecks Page.  Updated references.
4-08-2020  Added Pretoria and Glensheen Diving Bell; Updated Russia & Madeira Bow Models; Updated Find pages for new models
4-06-2020  Updated Newest Models Page for Comet and Harriet B
4-05-2020  Added Sidewheel Comet Model and Lake Ontario Shipwrecks Page
4-01-2020  Moved Guidelines for Photography to a tab under How to Participate
3-29-2020  Added Harriet B digital model
3-26-2020  Home Page updates for SEO and improve load time, Added Shipwreck Alphabetical Order list
3-25-2020  Moved Jones Model to front page to improve load time and added text to improve keywords for SEO.
3-21-2020  Added J. H. Jones Model
3-20-2020  Added Antelope Digital Model
3-19-2020  Added Robert Wallace Digital Model & Updated data on Russia
3-17-2020  Added Contributors section under the Partners Tab
3-15-2020  Added Cox Bow model and added link to the Cox Shipwreck page to New Models page
3-14-2020  Added Russia Video, Lake Huron Map, New version of Hopkins, moving old Hopkins to a previous version page, Updated Russia & Hopkins info
3-13-2020  Added Russia Model 
3-12-2020  Added Cox Stern
3-07-2020  Added Lake Minnetonka Map
3-06-2020  Added Hopkins Model
3-05-2020  Changed Menu structure and added L Superior Shipwrecks Hotspot Map and Models by lake 
3-03-2020  Added Strathmore Model
3-01-2020  Added videos to Excelsior and Chisholm/Cumberland, added statistics app
2-29-2020  Added Chisholm Cumberland Model and Updated Excelsior data 
2-28-2020  Added Excelsior Model Partial Work in Process 
2-27-2020  Minor corrections to Sophies Wreck data; Uploaded Sophies Wreck and Niagara Interactive 3D Models and Video Clips
2-26-2020  Updated Photography Guidelines for adding markers and rounding corners; Added Sophies Wreck Page minus model
2-24-2020  Updated Photography Guidelines for minor error, added link to Mission page
2-23-2020  Added Pages Mission, Partners, Photographers
2-21-2020  Basic Pages Released
2-19-2020  Website goes active