Preserving Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes

3D is a project of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society of Minnesota.  The GLSPS is a registered 501.c3 non-profit organization established in 1996 to stabilize and protect our deteriorating shipwrecks of the Great Lakes region.   In its over twenty years of service GLSPS has sponsored  hundreds of service projects and programs to  realize its purpose.  These range from our Superior North Shore buoy program, to our Put-It-Back program, to shipwreck stabilization projects, to our National Register Nomination program, to creating shipwreck displays for area museums and parks.  Each year GLSPS partners with Lake Superior Marine Museum Associeation, Wisconsin Underwater Archaeology Association and Superior Museums to do annual maintenance and improvements to the museum ship SS. Meteor in Superior, Wisconsin.  Membership is open to anyone.  For more information about GLSPS please visit our home website at . 


This 3D photogrammetry database is one of our largest undertakings.  Our goal is to create a database of 3D photogrammetry models for all or as many as possible shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.  We started this effort in 2020 and are looking for support from the diving community and diving and historical organizations to help create this content.  In modern terms we hope to crowd source the images leveraging the work of interested parties in all of the Great Lakes area for this gigantic undertaking.