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Database Information Shipwreck Islander

Basic Information

Name(s)  Islander aka J. H. Kelly, aka John Thorn
Registry  US
Official Number 75508
Vessel Type Side-Wheeler
Year Built 1871
Year Sank
Hull Material Wood
Masts None
Engines None


Length 95 ft
Width  20 ft
Depth  7 ft

Vessel History

Complete Historic Information Linkhttps://www.ti3ds.com/p/islander.html ; https://greatlakeships.org/2905460/data?n=47

Wreck Site Information

Lake St. Lawrence
State or Province New York
30′ to 45′
GPS Coordinates 44° 20.297′  N 075° 55.207′ W
Site Description The site is the wreck of the Islander, a side-wheel steamer that burned and sank on September 16th, 1909. The wreck is just offshore at the foot of Market Street in downtown Alexandria Bay, N.Y. The wooden wreck is much deteriorated. Resting on the slope of the bottom, it is close to being parallel with shore. The wreck is from 30 to 45 feet deep, with some timbers as deep as 60 feet. This is a maintained dive site by Seaway Trails and car parking and water access are available. It is a nice shore dive up stream off the hospital along or downstream the side of Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum.

Model Information


Photographer(s) Dennis McCarthy
Year Captured May 2014
Time it took to capture 30 min

Modeler Information

Modeler Dennis McCarthy
Date Completed 05/21
Hours of input to complete 2 hrs

Technical Information


Camera – GoPro Flat Port
Lens – Normal Setting
Sensor – 
Multi-Camera Rig – No
Camera Propulsion – Diver,
 Video or Stills – Stills
Number of images Submitted – 521
Image resolution (pixels) 
Lighting – Natural
Number of lights – 
If known Kelvin Temperature C
Light Output Lumens 

Model Information

Software Used Agisoft Standard Edition
Data Format .jpg from video
Number of Source Images used – 538
Are these images original or adjusted; Unadjusted
Portion of the site covered: Complete

Publishing Restrictions

Ownership/Payment Restrictions None
Usage Restrictions None

Resource Data in Database

Model  Yes
Source Images  Yes
Source CC 
Number of Still Images 
Video Clip None
Processing Report Yes
Camera Calibration .xml