Madeira 3D Interactive Model – Year 2019

Madeira Database Information

Basic Information

Name(s)  MADEIRA
Registry  U.S.
Official Number 93020
Vessel Type Barge
Builder Chicago Shipbuilding Co.
Place Built Chicago, IL
Date Built 1900
Hull Material Steel


Length  436 ft
Width  50 ft
Depth  24 ft

Vessel History

History  First enrollment issued at Detroit, MI, May 23, 1872.
Disposition  Lost in the November 28, 1905 storm.  During the worst storm in North Shore history the Madeira was cut loose by her towing vessel Edenborn to fend for herself.  The Madeira was thrust into Gold Rock Point where it was pounded to pieces.  The crew was saved with exception of the First Mate by crewman Fred Benson who scaled the cliff and dropped a rope to the survivors.
Source  HCGL, MNHS
Complete Historic Information Link .

Wreck Site Information

Lake Superior
State or Province Minnesota
25’ to 115’
GPS Coordinates 47° 12.360′ N 91° 21.480′ W
Site Description: The wreck lies off Gold Rock Point in at least four major pieces and wreckage scattered throughout the site.  The Madeira is the most popular dive site on the Minnesota North Shore. GLSPS maintains mooring buoys on the bow section and stern section

Model Information


Photographer Tim Pranke
Date Completed  2019
Time it took to capture  30 min

Modeler Information

Modeler Tim Pranke
Contact Information
Date Completed 2019
Hours of input to complete 6 hrs

Technical Information


Camera Used  Two GoPro4
Sensor Size
Multi-Camera Rig – Yes
Camera Propulsion – Diver,
Video or Stills – Video
Number of images Submitted – ?
Image resolution (pixels) ?
Lighting – Artificial
Number of lights – 2
If known Kelvin Temperature ?
Light Output Lumens ?

Model Information

Software Used – 3D Zephyr
Data Format – .jpg
Number of Source Images used ???
Are these images original or adjusted; ?
Portion of the site covered: Partial This model covers one of the four sections

Publishing Restrictions

Licensing Usage Restrictions CC BY-ND
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Resource Data in Database

Model  No
Source Images  No
Still Images No
Video Clip No