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Database Information Shipwreck Name

Basic Information

Name(s)  Fred McBrier
Registry  US
Official Number 120452
Vessel Type Steambarge
Year Built 1881
Year Sank
Hull Material Wood
Masts 2
Engines Double Expansion


Length 161 ft
Width  31 ft
Depth 12  ft

Vessel History

Complete Historic Information Linkhttps://greatlakeships.org/2903295/data?n=1 , https://www.straitspreserve.com/shipwrecks/fred-mcbrier/

Wreck Site Information

Lake Michigan
State or Province Michigan
84 ft
GPS Coordinates 45° 48.342′  N 084° 55.301′ W
Site Description The stern is intact minus the cabins while the bow is split apart with a piece of the deck lying over the port side of the ship. The engine is a unique double expansion steam engine with boiler forward of it.

Model Information


Photographer(s) Kent Myhrman & Ken Merryman
Year Captured July 2021
Time it took to capture 20 min

Modeler Information

Modeler Ken Merryman
Date Completed 7-2021
Hours of input to complete 4 hrs

Technical Information


Camera – Canon 5d Mark IV in a Nauticam Housing with an 8” Dome Port & GoPro Hero 3+
Lens – Canon EF Zoom 8-15mm set at 15 mm
Sensor – (Canon) 36.0 x24.0mm Cmos 30.4 megapixel
Multi-Camera Rig – No
Camera Propulsion – Diver Propulsion Vehicle
 Video or Stills – Stills
Number of images Submitted – 1,560
Image resolution (pixels) 6720 x4480 & 3680 v 2760
Lighting – Artificial & Natural
Number of lights – 4 & 4
If known Kelvin Temperature CRI 90
Light Output Lumens 2×10000, 2×5000, 4 x 3,000

Model Information

Software Used Agisoft Standard Edition Version 1.7.1 Build 11797
Data Format .jpg converted from RAW
Number of Source Images used – 1557
Are these images original or adjusted; Adjusted
Portion of the site covered: Complete

Publishing Restrictions

Licensing Usage Restrictions CC BY-ND
Attributed to: 3DShipwrecks.org

Resource Data in Database

Model  Yes
Source Images  Yes
Source RAW, CC .jpg
Number of Still Images 1560
Video Clip None
Processing Report Yes
Camera Calibration .xml Yes