George M. Cox/Puritan Stern Site – Year 1999

The Cox wreck site is composed of two disjoint areas — the bow area and stern area, so are presented in two separate models. 

Shipwreck George M. Cox
by 3DShipwrecks
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George M. Cox/Puritan Bow Site – Year 1999

Shipwreck George M Cox Bow
by 3DShipwrecks
on Sketchfab

Click left mouse on the model to tumble or rotate. right mouse to drag, thumb-wheel to zoom. 

Database Information George M. Cox

Basic Information

Name(s)  George M. Cox aka Puritan
Registry US
Official Number 150898
Vessel Type Propeller
Builder Craig Ship Building Co.
Place Built Toledo, OH
Date Built 1901
Hull Material Steel
Engine Triple Expansion Steam


Length  233 ft
Width  40 ft
Depth  22 ft

Vessel History

Rebuilds 1907 Lengthened by 26 ft to 259; Converted to troop carrier 1918
History The George M. Cox was built as the Puritan which had a long operational history in the passenger transportation business mainly between Chicago, Holland and Benton Harbor. It was acquired but the US Navy in 1918 for service in WWI. It returned to the Great Lakes for service in 1920. After sitting idle for four years during the Great Depression in 1933 millionaire George M. Cox bought the Puritan for service between Chicago, Houghton, Isle Royale and Port Arthur. After a total refit the now elegant Puritan was renamed the George M. Cox after its owner. It was on its maiden voyage with its owner on board that it grounded on Rock of Ages shoal. Striking the reef at a speed of 17 knots lifted an estimated 110 feet of her keel out of the water. All 125 passengers and crew were rescued by the lighthouse keeper and spent an uncomfortable night huddled on the lighthouse spiral staircase.

Disposition  Stranded and sunk at Rock of Ages, Isle Royale on May 27, 1933
Source  HCGL, SuperiorTrips.com44
Complete Historic Information Link  ,

Wreck Site Information

Lake Superior
State or Province Isle Royale, Michigan
100’ max
GPS Coordinates
N 47o 51.462’ W 89o 19.385’
Site Description:
The wreck site is composed of two major areas — the deeper mid-section and stern which sits on the slope of Rock of Ages reef and the bow section which is in the shallows on top of the reef.  The stern and mid-section part lies mostly on its port side but twists toward the stern to totally upside-down.  The top of the engine can be seen under the side of the ship and the propeller and shaft protrude from under the wreck at the deeper end of the ship.  The bow section in the shallows contains the anchors, windlass and chains and the crushed chain locker portion of the bow.  Disjoint wreckage and pieces of the sides are scattered on top of the shoal and mark the way from the deeper section to the shallow area.

Model Information


Photographer Kenneth Merryman
Date Completed  Jul-Aug 1999
Time it took to capture  2 hours

Modeler Information

Modeler Kenneth Merryman
Contact Information 
Date Completed March 11, 2020
Hours of input to complete 20 hrs

Technical Information


Camera Used  Sony VX2000 Standard Definition Camcorder in Amphibico Housingwith a wet wide angle lens
Lens – 6-72 mm
Sensor Size– 3CCD Sensor
Multi-Camera Rig – No
Camera Propulsion – Teckna Scooter
 Video or Stills – DV Video
Number of images Submitted – 1529
Image resolution (pixels) 1920×1088 (SD upscaled)
Lighting – Natural
Number of lights – 0
If known Kelvin Temperature N/A
Light Output Lumens N/A

Model Information

Software Used – Agisoft Standard Edition Version 1.6.1 Build 100009
Data Format – .jpg
No of Source Images used 1436
Are these images original or adjusted; Upscaled to 1080×1920 square pixels and color corrected.
Portion of the site covered: Partial This model covers only the center area of the site. 

Publishing Restrictions

Licensing Usage Restrictions CC BY-ND
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Resource Data in Database

Model  Yes
Source Images  Video
Still Images 
Video Clip Yes
Processing Report Yes
Camera Calibration .xml Yes