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Database Information Shipwreck Rothesay

Basic Information

Name(s) Rothesay
Registry  Canada
Official Number 54485
Vessel Type Side-wheeler
Year Built 1867
Year Sank
Hull Material Wood
Engines Walking Beam


Length 193 ft
Width 29 ft
Depth 8 ft

Vessel History

Complete Historic Information Linkhttps://www.maritimehistoryofthegreatlakes.ca//Documents/Scanner/12/09/default.asp?ID=s004#p061, https://saveontarioshipwrecks.ca/diverguides/rothesay/

Wreck Site Information

Lake St Lawrence
State or Province Ontario
30 ft
GPS Coordinates N 44° 41.967′ W 075° 31.667′
Site Description Debris field after being blown up in 1901. The main features include two boilers that are still standing, smoke-stack, a side-wheel, the walking beam and the rudder post.

Model Information


Photographer(s) Roger Lacasse
Year Captured September 2021
Time it took to capture 40 min

Modeler Information

Modeler Roger Lacasse
Date Completed 1-2022
Hours of input to complete 2 hrs

Technical Information


Camera – Nikon D500
Lens – 16mm Fisheye, Dome Port
Sensor – 4.2400 x 4.240000 um Cmos 20.9 megapixel
Multi-Camera Rig – No
Camera Propulsion – Diver,
 Video or Stills – Stills
Number of images Submitted – 2,737
Image resolution (pixels) 5568 x3712
Lighting – Strobe & Natural
Number of lights – 2
If known Kelvin Temperature 4,800
Light Output Lumens or Watt Seconds for Strobes 80

Model Information

Software Used Agisoft Standard Edition Version 1.8.0
Data Format TIF
Number of Source Images used – 2,667
Are these images original or adjusted; Adjusted
Portion of the site covered: 95%

Publishing Restrictions

Licensing Usage Restrictions CC BY-ND
Attributed to: Roger Lacasse

Resource Data in Database

Model  Yes
Source Images  No
Source None
Number of Still Images None
Video Clip None
Processing Report Yes
Camera Calibration .xml No