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Russia Database Information

Basic Information

Name(s) Russia
Registry U.S.
Official Number 110063
Vessel Type Propeller
Builder King Iron Works
Place Built Buffalo, NY
Date Built 1872
Hull Material Wood
Engines Dual Steeple Compound Engines


Length 232 ft
Width  36 ft
Depth  13 ft

Vessel History

History  Russia had a long career with a number of groundings and a collision where it sank the steamer Britannic in 1896. It sank in a storm in 1909. All hands made it to lifeboats and were saved.
Disposition Foundered off Point Detour, MI, on April 30, 1909.
Source HCGL
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Wreck Site Information

Lake Huron
State or Province Michigan
GPS Coordinates Unpublished
Site Description: The wreck lies in 220 ft of water near Detour Passage. The forward cabins are gone but the steel boiler cabin is intact along with the engine room where two steeple compound engines can be seen.

Model Information


Photographer(s) John Janzen, John Scoles
Date Completed September 2019
Time it took to capture 1 hr

Modeler Information

Modeler Jerry Eliason
Contact Information
Date Completed  Oct 7, 2019
Hours of input to complete x hrs

Technical Information


Photographer(s) John Janzen
Camera Used  Canon 5d Mark II, Aquatica Housing, Aquatica 9.25″ Megadome Glass dome
Lens – Canon EF 16-35mm 1:2.8 L III USM set at 16mm
Sensor Size – 36.0 x24.0mm Cmos
Multi-Camera Rig – No
Camera Propulsion – Diver,
Video or Stills – Video
Image resolution (pixels) 1080 x 1920
Lighting – Artificial
White balance temperature:  Auto
Number of lights – 4
If known Kelvin Temperature  6000
Light Output Lumens  5000 lumens each x 4 lights

      Photographer John Scoles

Model Information

Software Used – 3D Zephyr
Data Format – .jpg
No of Source Images used 2525
Are these images original or adjusted; Original
Portion of the site covered: This is the entire outside of the shipwreck.

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Resource Data in Database

Model  Yes
Source Images  Still
Still Images No
Video Clip No