Sophie’s Wreck Interactive Model – Year 2007

Click left mouse on the model to tumble or rotate. right mouse to drag, thumb-wheel to zoom. 

Sophies Wreck 3D
by kenmerryman
on Sketchfab

Sophie’s Wreck Short Video Clip


Sophie’s Wreck Database Information

Basic Information

Name(s) Unknown, Sophie’s Wreck
Registry Unknown
Official Number Unknown
Vessel Type Tug
Builder Unknown
Place Built Unknown
Date Built Unknown
Hull Material Wood


Length  30+ ft

Vessel History

History .

Complete Historic Information Link 

Wreck Site Information

Lake Superior
State or Province Minnesota
Depth 8′
GPS Coordinates 46 ̊ 45. 461′ N, – 92 ̊ 04. 411′ W
Site Description: The wreck lies 150 yards from the 2600 Block off Minnesota Point, Minnesota.  It was discovered when a young girl (Sophie) saw it through the clear ice and was named Sophie’s Wreck by the local newspaper.  It is a partial wreck site from just forward of the engine to the propeller.  The crank and bottom of a single cylinder steam engine along with shaft and propeller is extant.  The wreck is embedded in sand so what is visible is variable.  The site was photographed under the ice.  One suggested possible candidate for the identity of the wreck was the tug Amethyst.

Model Information


Photographer Kenneth Merryman
Date Completed March 13, 2007
Time it took to capture 30 min

Modeler Information

Modeler Kenneth Merryman
Contact Information 7348 Symphony St NE, Fridley, MN 55432 763-226-9620
Date Completed February 4, 2020
Hours of input to complete 6 hrs

Technical Information


Camera – Sony VX2000 Standard Definition Camcorder in Amphibico Housingwith a wet wide angle lens
Lens – Zoom 6-72 mm
Sensor –  3 CCD
Multi-Camera Rig – No
Camera Propulsion – Diver,
 Video or Stills – Video
Number of images Submitted – 1753
Image resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1188  (SD upscaled)
Lighting – Natural
Number of lights – 0
If known Kelvin Temperature N/A
Light Output Lumens N/A

Model Information

Software Used – Agisoft Standard Edition Version 1.6.1 Build 100009
Data Format – .jpg
No of Source Images used 1728
Are these images original or adjusted; Upscaled, Color Corrected
Portion of the site covered: Partial This model covers part of the bottom of the wreck from engine to propeller.

Publishing Restrictions

Licensing Usage Restrictions CC BY-ND
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Resource Data in Database

Model  Yes
Source Images  Video + Images
Still Images 1
Video Clip Yes